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Livewell 2014 was created under the initiative of Locumdoctor4u Ltd. as a non-profit organization committed to achieve the physical potential of every primary school child and develop their confidence to contribute to the health and well-being of themselves and others within the school and local community.

We have reshaped the idea on how Primary Schools should best address pupils' needs

We do understand that the benefits of physical activity are numerous and complement the outcomes of children school education and healthcare of the elderly, which we are enthusiastically striving to achieve.

The physical activity/health dimension is a potentially new way of bringing together different themes, of fostering 'citizenship' and community understanding, as well as obvious health-related benefits, all of which would surely appeal to primary school educators and those with a particular concern for the elderly.

We have identified a number of key factors why physical activity forms an important part of our planning and provision. These include the importance of physical activity in reducing obesity and regular exercise on positive behaviour and concentration levels.

Physical activity has a key role in supporting a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity helps the development of spatial awareness, co-ordination, speed, skill, stamina, suppleness and agility acquisition.

Upon a sociological point of view, practicing sports offers the opportunity of experiencing leadership, organisation, listening and communication skills, and teamwork.

Children are particularly receptive to education and we trust that healthy lifestyle and physical education sessions may therefore have a lifetime positive effect.


our vision

our plan

We have a big vision which people like you may help to become a reality: to see children in Primary Schools enjoying regular physical activity and being aware of what means following a healthy lifestyle. 
We look at a future in which elderly people in nursing and rest homes could use, maintaining and perhaps improving, their motor skills with enjoyable physical activities.
In the elderly, physical education would likewise help to maintain and improve neuro-motor skills as well as psychological wellbeing, improve cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic functions. Physical activity does provide a recreational and socializing opportunity. We intend this to be a truly healthy and enjoyable experience.


The mission is: ‘To achieve the physical potential of every child and develop their confidence to contribute to the health and well-being of themselves and others within the school and local community and to maintain and increase the motor skills of those elderly people who are less able to do so without the supervision of appropriately trained staff’.
Children and elderly will be actively involved in a variety of physical activities, to achieve their physical potential and develop their self-esteem through the provision of at least 30 minutes of coached physical activity per week.

In Primary School, this time can be found at the end of the PM formal classes, from 3:30 to 4:00.

Please, contact us if you wish to be part of it. Please,contact us if you are interested in our work

We are a non-profit organization and we are planning to become a Charity in the very near feature.

Here is a training program you can already adopt: training program for children
Donate: even ONE pound can help us to make the difference - THANK YOU

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