SOUTHPORT PRIVATE DOCTOR  - 24/7 Domiciliary Medical Services
The service you wished for is here. Surely you already thought about it: "It would be great if I could hire my own doctor. A doctor who gave me its personal phone number and actually returned my calls. A doctor I could get to know. A doctor who would make house calls and come to you me". With a private doctor, also known as a concierge doctor, you can do just that. Your private doctor is your personal doctor, which means it does not change at all times. You must have experienced that just as soon as you get comfortable with a doctor, you have to change doctors because your current health system. Now you can hire your own private doctor to be at your call when you need a doctor. You do not have to wait days or weeks just for an appointment, nor you have to keep ringing. This could also include weekends. • 24 hour telephone numbers and access to your personal doctor. Your personal doctor comes to you in your own home and sometimes may even accompanying you to an appointment with another doctor. Every aspect of your interaction with the doctor is kept most confidential.
Having their own concierge doctor would give many people and families piece of mind, just knowing that their own doctor would be there for them when needed and they could get in to see them.
Q: Is the service covered by my insurance plan?
This can be agreed depending on individual circumstances. Membership, single payments, or insurance cover are all possible options.
Q: When can I join?
Anytime. Services are available 24/7 to visitors, temporary residents and permanent residents in Southport, Formby, and Birkdale.
Q: Is there a penalty for terminating my membership?
Absolutely no. Membership can be stopped at anytime.

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